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Collaborating Organizations:

The Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The US-Africa Chamber of Commerce Network
The African Marketplace Inc.

Advanced Business Capital & Development
The Sixth Region 
Diaspora Caucus

Center for African Peace & Conflict Resolution
California State University Sacramento 

School of Africana Studies California State University Dominguez Hills

California Policy Solutions

Mervyn Dymally African American Political & Economic Institute

Queen of Sheba Restaurant

U.S. Department of Commerce Commercial Service




As a result of the corona virus pandemic our Annual Pan African Global Trade and Investment Conference will be postponed until the Spring of 2021.

Additional information about our upcoming conference will be available at our conference website

or by contacting our conference coordinator

Al Washington at 626.243.3614.

Stay safe and well. We look forward to 

seeing you in 2021.

The US Africa Chamber of Commerce Network


As a result of the outcomes and recommendations of the 9th Annual Pan African Trade and Investment Conference the Africa-USA International Chamber of Commerce and Industry is establishing associate chapters that bring together public and private sector government and business organizations to promote and facilitate mutually beneficial trade relationships with Africa and the Caribbean. Each chapter will provide viable local, national and international programs and venues for African and U.S. business travelers and tourist to explore and pursue bilateral business and investment opportunities.


The associate chapters will be organized and incorporated as the US-Africa Chamber of Commerce Network (USACCN). Its membership will include national and international associations that encompass local businesses in individual states, counties, cities or neighborhoods. Cross-cultural bilateral business promotion, training and investment will be the association’s central theme and purpose.


The ultimate goal of the USACCN will be to overcome the stereotypes and misconceptions that prohibit viable and sustainable bilateral trade and investment between the emerging economies of Africa, the Caribbean and the State of California by providing ongoing education and public relations programs that promote and facilitate mutually beneficial international trade, commerce and tourism. Call 626.243.3614 for more information or if you're interested in joining us.