Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce
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International Trade Business Programs


Board of Experts Peer Review Program providing expert counseling and project specific peer reviews on critical economic development projects in Africa for African organizations and U.S. firms that want to do business in Africa. Our peer review board includes expatriate African nationals residing in the United States with knowledge of their homeland and the business or corporate culture of multinational organizations.                     


Business Research & Promotion to identify and facilitate joint venture business opportunities for African & American for major infrastructure and engineering projects, retail and wholesale commodity exchanges, manufacturing opportunities, commercial and residential real estate development projects, and social service opportunities within specified African countries.


Trade Facilitation Services to assist U.S. and African businesses in the processing of their commercial transactions in Africa and the United States.


Investigation & Crime Prevention Services providing due diligence investigation and international crime prevention services in all aspects of foreign trade to include credit reports/profiles, fraud prevention, collection services, investments and banking transactions.


Trade-Match Matchmaking when requested for in-bound African and American companies seeking market entry business opportunities & partners in Southern California and Africa.


Global Trade Logistics Training providing practical workshops and customized training to increase the competency of our membership in the global logistics of international.


Publicizing and Conducting African Trade Missions to the nation states of Africa in collaboration with African Embassies and Consulates and the U.S. Department of Commerce.


Country Commercial Guidance providing information on economic trends, trade regulations, potential import/export industry sectors, local marketing opportunities and business contacts for selected African nations.


Trade Promotion & Facilitation Programs


Conferences & Trade Shows in Los Angeles and Africa that provide information on U.S. and African export/import potentials for goods and services, specific buy-sell opportunities, and local business conditions and practices for specified regions in Africa and America.


International Business Roundtables for African & American business leaders and government officials seeking bilateral international trade opportunities in Africa & America in collaboration with the US State Department, the US Department of Commerce and African Embassies and Consulates.


Seminars & Networking Meetings that provide valuable information about the African Growth & Opportunities Act (AGOA) for African and American businesses.


U.S. Census Bureau Assistance in determining the numerical strength of continental African residents in the U.S.


Investment Banking Consult Meetings with innovative international banking and investment fund consultants & managers. 

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